About Us


Come into our website and sit awhile, put your feet up. You are welcome to stay as long as you want. Our dogs are our passion and we want to share the experience with everyone we know. Over 45 years experience now.

Tom & Jane

We were married in 1970, I was Jane Wagner, born in Two Rivers Wisconsin, Tom was born it St Louis Missouri, moved to Two Rivers when he was in High school.  We both attended Washington High School in Two Rivers. Enough of the boring stuff!!!!!

In 1971 we acquired our first 2 Bassets, Bridget and Arthur. They sat in a barn looking forlorn, Arthur's eyes were so crusted over, he couldn't see. They were both pups. The farmer, claiming to be a Basset Hound breeder, made us a deal, $40.00 a piece. We took them both home, cleaned them up and they became our children. Although they had every possible hereditary problem known to the breed we loved them just the same. Spending thousands of dollars on Glaucoma treatment and surgeries, for both. They taught us about the breed. They also taught us that there was a better way, that Bassets didn't have to suffer the plagues poor Bridget and Arthur did and we vowed to do the best we could to learn and to educate.



Bridget & Arthur

1971 Our First: Bridget & Arthur

Our next step was to purchase a quality puppy from a reputable breeder. So in 1976 we acquired "BOWLER'S OLD FASHIONED", from Patti Brumm. FASHY went on to be a Champion (in spite of my handling). She was a speciality B.O.B. winner and a multi group winner, which is quite a feat for a female. We were hooked. Our kennel name was created from her name. It depicts our adoration for her, and for old things. Our logo is Fashy sitting by an old french street lamp.

FASHY got her ROM, with 13 champions to her credit. She co-shared the title of Top Producing Bitch in 1983. We are forever grateful for what she gave and taught us.

Jane & Bowler's Old Fashioned, 1977


Jane & Bowler's Old Fashioned, 1977

We go to great lengths to make sure our dogs are the best that we can breed, for conformation, for the sport of agility, obedience or for just plain loving.

First 3 show dogs,
Fashy &  kids with Jane in 1980

We live in Wisconsin where the air is fresh and clean. The dogs have lots of room to run and play. They live with us in our home, where we can monitor everything they do.

We've been members of "BHCA" (Basset Hound Club Of America) since 1975

and  "BBHC "(Badgerland Basset Hound Club) which we started, here in our fine state, in 1987. I had done all the rescue work, with the BBHC for Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, up until a few years ago. I was doing rescue before it was the fashionable thing to do. Back when people would ask "what is a rescue?" The only money we had was the adoption fees. No one had ever heard of a Waddle, a Basset parade or picnic. We eventually became a part of BHCares. It was only through the generosity of my vet, Dr. Annamarie Dittmar that we were able to keep going as long as we did. Now a much younger group has taken over and is doing a wonderful job. We try supporting them in any way we can. The name of the organization is: BASSET BUDDIES.

I have a dog grooming business at our home and am also a veterinarian assistant when I am not showing dogs. Tom is a retired Salesman.

Our expertise in the field of dogs is wide spread.

For more years than I want to think about, I have had a helper. The kid next door. Since she has been 2 years old she has taken a liking to the dogs and would prove to be a natural in the ring.

Now as I am getting older I don't know what I would do without her but she can be my fiercest competition in the ring at times.

Now ove a quarter of a century, she attended Steven's Point to become a teacher, her goal was to find something where she would have the summers off to spend at the dog shows. We all have our priorities!!!

But since graduation her love for animals has gotten stronger and instead of teaching she is working in the same veterinary clinic I started her in at 12 years old.  She has made her way to the top as office manager.

She still lives right next door and we can be seen together more than not.  We are still a team at the dog shows.

Her name is Bethany J. Berger, she is a gift. 

                       Bethany Berger at 3 years old


In 2013 Bethany got a wild hair up you know where and decided to get a Standard Wirehaired Dachshund, As you can guess she dragged us all into her adventure.   So the Olde Fashion story continues into the 21st century.