Clean Blue Pet Care®

Healthy happier pets with

Clean Blue®

A revolutionary new way to keep your dogs and cats their healthiest.  Clean Bluetm is the Ultimate in natural pet care .  Clean Bluetm is made for dogs and cats whose owners want only the best in grooming products for their pets. Clean Bluetm is safe for Dogs and Cats and Puppies and Kittens.
I have over 35 years experience with Basset Hounds, the breed most often linked with ear problems.  With experience in dog showing, breeding, grooming, and a vet assistant, I have had hands on experience on what works and what is best for your pet’s coats and ears and all over grooming. Having over 100 Champions to our credit, and a dog grooming business can say that I have a good grasp of what really works.

                            Clean Blue Bug Shield®                              Clean Blue Extreme Ear Cleaner®



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