Dachshund Puppycam

Welcome to Puppy Cam. If you don't see an image, there are a couple of possible reasons:

1. The cameras may need rebooting, contact me.

2. The cameras are off for a moment of privacy

3.  If there are too many people trying to get on the cams at once they will act up.  If you are not physically watching the cams don't leave them running.  Some people like to leave them on so they can come back and check often, but you are hogging bandwidth for everyone else and then no one can see anything.  I have some of the best cams made but they can only do so much.

NOTE: If you are using Internet Explorer, you will be required to install an ActiveX plug-in. You should see a pop-up prompt requesting permission to install the plug-in. Please accept that plug-in installation.