Welcome Friends!

We’ve been raising & showing Basset Hounds in Wisconsin for over 46 years. 

We have 146 BASSET TITLE HOLDERS to our credit. We did it ourselves with only 1 or 2 litters a year, without the backing of big money or big time handlers.  We did it the old fashioned way…. We earned our titles. Never forgetting what got us here in the first place, the love of our hounds and the importance of them in our lives.

In 2014, for a bit of excitement we have added Standard Wirehaired Dachshunds to our pack…… Then we had 2, then 3… You get the picture.

We are so grateful to have found some wonderful people to help us on this new journey with the Wire Dachshunds.  Expecting, as usual, great things out of our pack members; So now we are one big happy family of Basset Hounds and Wirehaired Dachshunds.

We are reputable, responsible Basset Hound & Wire Haired Dachshund breeders who put the dogs first. It is not always easy to get a Basset or Wirehaired Dachshund when you want one, but they are worth the wait.

This website is dedicated to educating and informing people about quality Bassets and Standard Wirehaired Dachshunds.